Workshop : African Animation

This workshop will provide young learners with an introduction to African animation films and give them an opportunity to experiment with animation film making themselves. The workshop participants would have watched ‘Liyana’ a beautiful animation film from Swaziland and having done so, they (participants) will have the opportunity to develop their own simple stop-motion animation, and they will be encouraged to tell their own stories inspired by some of the styles and themes they have seen in the viewings. The second half of the workshop will be presented by specialists in stop-motion animation. This workshop will stimulate students’ imagination and creativity, and will be linked to the art and design programmes of study in the National Curriculum in England and Wales, and the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland.

After screening of Liyana at the Magic Lantern Cinema, Tywyn. 4th November

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FREE EVENT: UNAM Student Showcase + Winner of Short Film Competition + Q&A

Wales/2017/60mins/no cert

Watch-Africa, Phoenix Project & School of Modern Languages (Transnationalising Modern Languages) at Cardiff University as well as University of Namibia collaboratively worked to host a residency for 2 Namibian filmmakers. Come to see some of the work produced during their time in Cardiff and get to know more about their film careers during a discussion from the filmmakers about the work. After the discussion there will be a chance to watch the winner of the Watch Africa short film award.

At Chapter Arts Centre: 12th November from 1645 – 1745

Storytelling Workshop by Beving Magama.

Come, listen, take part and enjoy a traditional form of African Storytelling as delivered and facilitated by Bevin Magama. Titled ‘the Liyana Workshop’, this will go hand in hand with the animated film telling the story of a Swazi girl who embarks on a dangerous quest to rescue her young twin brothers. This animated African tale is born in the imaginations of five orphaned children in Swaziland who collaborate to tell a story of perseverance drawn from their darkest memories and brightest dreams. Their fictional character’s journey is interwoven with poetic and observational documentary scenes to create a genre-defying celebration of collective storytelling.

The objectives of the workshop are to promote the participation of children, young people and adults in talking about journeys they took. The workshop will bring awareness of other cultures. It will also be educational and entertaining to those who want to learn about Sub Saharan African culture. African storytelling is an art which often uses percussion instruments, masks, and costumes to entertain while telling their stories. Central to African storytelling is audience participation and this will include using instrument or audience delving into the story telling element and ask questions or add content to it.

The workshop will  consist of music and a session on clay modelling where participants make memorable objects of places they have been and tell their stories. During this workshop you will certainly get 4 key things, entertainment; morals and instructions from the storyteller; Involvement of beasts, plants and nature and learning historical lessons.

At Chapter Arts Center: 12th November from 1300 – 1500

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School Screening: Screening of Rage followed by Race Relations Workshop:

This workshop is intended to educate students about what it means when we talk about race in the UK, about democracy historical and contemporary relations between races, and the connection between music and identity, enhance awareness of cultural diversity, and improve knowledge and understanding of rights and responsibilities as global citizens. These issues remain highly relevant, living in an age of mass migration, where islamophobia and racism remain issues that young people have to deal with. It also includes important facts on a side of history in the UK that remain unexplored.

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Teacher’s Workshop: African Animation 

This workshop is aimed at teachers who want to promote their students’ understanding of creative approached to Black or African identities, and the diverse ways of telling stories. Tales, fables, metaphors and allegories can teach young children about difficult social, cultural, moral and spiritual development issues.


Music Gigs
There will be an Afrobeats music gig at the Magic Lantern in Tywyn on the 3rd November at the launch of Watch-Africa.

Other activities for 12th November at Chapter Arts Centre:

  An array of stalls displaying African arts and crafts; Fairtrade Products, Exhibitions and Welsh based charities working in Africa. This includes Hub Cymru Africa; Zimele, Abesu; Fair Dos; Terranga Percusion etc

Ballet Nimba under the famous Idrissa Nimba Camara will perform some of their dances throughout the day at the main lobby.





There will be variety of food choices from our designated caterer for the day covering different foods from across the continent. This includes traditional food such as Sadza, Plantain, Rice and Peas, Beans and meat options.


Wales African Film Festival