Watch-Africa is Wales’ Annual African Film Festival celebrating the best of African cinema. Launched in 2013, the festival provides a platform for African films, art and culture in Wales. It brings a wide-range of films covering areas across the continent, as well as engaging and interactive activities and events related to the festival. It provides a platform for works by African, African diasporas as well as Welsh and international directors and artists which bring fresh perspectives on Africa to its economic, social, political and cultural life.

The main objectives are to contribute and foster cultural exchange, and socially engaged practice between artists, community groups, and members of the public in Wales, Africa and beyond. Our approach is educational and non-partisan with a commitment to pluralism, and developing public dialogue through engagement. We aim to benefit communities and individuals in Africa and Wales artistically, socially, politically and economically.


Fadhili Maghiya: Festival Director

Professor Rachael Langford: Board Member

Mandy Carpenter: Board Member

Bran Devey: Communication & Publicity Lead

Christine Patterson: Graphic Designer and lead for Short Film Competition

Dr Sarah Younan: International Liaison Manager

Glenn Edwards: Board Member and photographer

Tracy Pallant: Board Member

Marit Olson: North and West Wales Representative

Shaun Patterson: Jury for film submission

Christine Patterson: Jury for film submission

Brian Kawimbe: Jury for film submission

Ruslan Pilyarov: Jury for film submission

Joseph Patterson: Jury for film submission



Wales African Film Festival