Nollywood Nights

Over two decades after its birth in a video shop in Lagos, Nollywood has become one of the world’s most prolific film industries. Complex, intriguing and full of energy, this most popular genre of Nigerian cinema is now firmly on the map. As the industry grows, so too do the budgets and visions of its filmmakers.
This year we bring you the latest works from three of Nigeria’s most popular directors: Kunle Afolayan, Niyi Akinmolayan and Femi Odugbemi. Tales of love, deception and gender equality are brought to the screen by some of the biggest names in the game, including Wale Ojo, Agelique Kidjo, O.C. Ukeje and Adesu Etomi. Nollywood Nights is presented by the UK African Film Festivals Network (Film Africa, Africa in Motion Film Festival, Afrika Eye, Watch Africa and the Cambridge African Film Festival). Part of the BFI BLACK STAR season.
Dir. Kunle Afolayan
Nigeria. 2016. 105 mins. English, French, Swahili, Yoruba, Chinese, Arabic with English subtitles.
In this mystery-thriller from celebrated filmmaker Kunle Afolyan, five top executives are selected from across Africa to compete for the role of CEO in a multinational telecommunications firm. During the week long retreat to determine who is most suitable, mysterious circumstances lead to two of the wannabe executives becoming prime suspects is a grisly crime. With a stellar Nollywood cast, including Lala Akindoju, Wale Ojo and a screen debut from the indefatigable grammy award winning singer, Angélique Kidjo, The CEO will have you gripped from the opening scene until the credits roll.

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2U8A5306An array of stalls displaying African arts and crafts; Fairtrade Products, Exhibitions and Welsh based charities working in Africa. This includes Hub Cymru Africa; Zimele, Abesu; Fair Dos; Terranga Percusion etc
There will be variety of African food served. This includes traditional foods such as Sadza, Plantain, Rice and Peas, Beans and meat options.
Ballet Nimba under the famous Idrissa Nimba Camara will perform some of their dances throughout the day at the main lobby.
There will be a Film through Education and African Storytelling workshop facilitated by Alastair Cole and Bevin Magama respectively. The workshops is ideal for teachers, parents and filmmakers. See information below.
Some of the highlights from last year’ festival..

Arts and Crafts at Chapter: 2015


Q&A with Professor Ambreena Manji chaired by Julian Rosser following the screening of ‘Stories of Our Lives’.


bevinCome, listen, take part and enjoy a traditional form of African Storytelling as delivered and facilitated by Bevin Magama. Titled ‘the Adama Workshop’, this will go hand in hand with the animated film telling the story of a West African boy who set off to Europe in search of his brother who was fighting in the First World War. The objectives of the workshop are to promote the participation of children, young people and adults in talking about journeying.
The workshop will bring awareness of other cultures. It will also be educational and entertaining to those who want to learn about Sub Saharan African culture. African storytelling is an art which often uses percussion instruments, masks, and costumes to entertain while telling their stories. Central to African storytelling is audience participation and this will include using instrument or audience delving into the story telling element and ask questions or add content to it.
The 2 hour workshop will consist of African storytelling performances with music and a session on clay modelling where participants make memorable objects of places they have been and tell their stories. During this workshop you will certainly get four key things, morals and instructions from the storyteller; involvement of music and beasts; plants and nature and learning historical lessons.
Chapter Arts Centre 8TH October from 1300. Book Tickets for Storytelling workshop!
The Magic Lantern, Tywyn 15th October from 1330: Book Tickets for Storytelling workshop! 


KivuKivu Ruhorahoza is a renowned Director of Rwandese origin renowned for his feature film Frey Matter which won jury Special Mention for Best Emerging filmmaker at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival, the film also won numerous awards at Warsaw Film Festival, Tubingen Film Festival and Cordoba African Film Festival. His latest film, ‘The Aimless Wanderer’ was selected t premier in Sundance Film Festival and will also be screened as part of Watch-Africa film festival.
ffilm-cymruSupported by Ffilm Cymru Wales, this workshop will cover a multitude of topics such as looking at how to put something together with available and common equipment, such as iPhones and how even with limited budgets you can make something which demonstrates your voice as a filmmaker, your visual style and the stories you want to tell.
The day will also cover storytelling tools, how to analyse a scene, how to allow the subtext to come across and Kivu will screen clips to demonstrate examples of good storytelling techniques.  He will talk about his way of working on a project from start to finish.  Tracy Spottiswoode , Manager of Talent NET.WORK at Ffilm Cymru Wales will end the workshop by explaining how they have have given funding to and why and ways people can maximise their chances of getting their support. See attached programme for the workshop!
  • Chapter Arts Centre: 7th October from 1000 – 1630 – Book Tickets!


p1030363_24457687021_oDocumentary Filmmaker, and Newcastle University Lecturer in Film Practice, Alastair Cole, will lead a discussion on their work in using film to create new teaching and learning opportunities for students and children of all ages. The workshop will follow the screening of Colours of the Alphabet, directed by Alastair Cole, and a film which, as well as festival success and cinema release, is being developed for the use in classrooms of primary, intermediate and high school levels.
andy-jonesThe director is also the co-author of the book and DVD resource Learning Through Film: Human Rights in Scotland. The discussion will offer both parents and teachers and opportunity to hear about the opportunities that film has in providing exciting and new learning opportunities for their students and children.
Chapter Arts Centre 8TH October from 16.00. Book Tickets for Film Through Education workshop!


Bi kidudeDo you know what Taarab is? Have you heard of Bi Kidude? Commonly heard in East Africa, taarab is a music genre involving a fusion of Swahili tunes sung in rhythmic poem spiced with Arabic or at times Indian melodies. It is a creative fusions of traditional ngo’ma – dance and ‘taarab’ which came from Tanzania, Yemen, and the island of the Indian Ocean such as Madagascar, Comoros and Mayotte. Taarab is for everybody and despite the large number of the population who regard music as only sacred and religious is still used for weddings and celebrations in Zanzibar today.
matonaFacilitated by Mohamed Issa Matona, a musician, composer, arranger and songwriter you will learn how to sing and deliver taarab melodies as well as the art of knowing how to use taarab instruments.. Matona is a founder member of the Dhow Countries Music Academy, (DCMA) Zanzibar and as well as being Artistic Director at the Academy he is a teacher and performer of traditional taarab, eastern/Arabic music and theory as well as classical, western, jazz and fusion music.uring this workshop.
He is a multi-instrumentalist and plays a variety of instruments ranging from traditional African gambus, nai, Arabic ganun and oud, as well as being a highly accomplished violinist, saxophonist, keyboard player, guitarist and percussionist etc.
Matona has performed and recorded in many international festivals and events and enjoys an international reputation as a musician, songwriter, teacher and performer. He is Zanzibar’s most celebrated and highly acclaimed teacher and performer.
The Magic Lantern, Tywyn: 14th October.4-6pm                           FOCUS on STRINGS: Introducing Taarab – a beginner’s guide to the musical genre which fuses arabic and african melody and rhythm.
The Magic Lantern, Tywyn: 15th October.4-6 pm                          FOCUS on VOICE: The Taarab sessions continue as Matona teaches traditional songs from Zanzibar – with some ribald translations from the singers behind the songs and accompanying stories.
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There will be a live score performed during the screening of ‘I Shot Bi Kidude’. Narrated by Andy Jones and performed by Matona (singing/drums) and Aine (harp), this will certainly be one NOT to miss.


There will be an afrobeats music gig at the Magic Lantern in Tywyn on the 13th October at the launch of Watch-Africa.
There will be a live performance of taarab music on the 15th October at the Magic Lantern in Tywyn following the screening of ‘I Shot Bi Kidude’. This will be performed by Mohamed Issa Matona, see link to previous performances,


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