Senegal/1992/Wolof/113 minutes,

Director: Djibril Diop Mambety in Wolof with English subtitles

In a village where everyone walks, Linguere Ramatou arrives by train. The village is Colobane,and Colobane is in trouble. Poverty, hovering over the village’s existence like the hyenasstalking their prey in the desert, threatens the future of Colobane. But Ramatou, driven out ofColobane in disgrace 30 years earlier, returns as a millionairess with ideals of honesty andjustice. The problem is, Ramatou’s justice is that of a wrathful goddess. And just how honestis wholesale bribery? The second and final feature of maverick director Djibril Diop Mambety,Hyenas is awash in the hypnotic colours and intoxicating sounds of West Africa – a wicked comedy depicting the devastating effects of greed on a small, poverty-stricken village.Screening as part of the UK-wide “From Africa, with Love” programme, the film is at once an intimate story of love and revenge, and a critique of neocolonialism and the effects ofconsumerism on African culture. This towering masterpiece of African cinema is a magnificentopening to the 10-year celebration of Africa in Motion.

The film is part of BFI’s ‘LOVE’ season.

Hadyn Ellis Building, Cardiff University: 30th October from 7.00 pm      Book Tickets


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