BOY.DEAR MANDELASouth Africa/2011/93 mins/12A

Dir: Christopher Nizza & Dara Kell

The film brings us into the everyday lives of three dynamic leaders of the movement determined to stop the evictions in their slums. Mazwi, Zama and Mnikelo met with their communities by candlelight to study and debate new housing legislation. The shack dwellers discovered that the innocuous-sounding Slums Act legalized mass evictions and violated the rights enshrined in the country’s landmark Constitution. They challenged the Slums Act all the way to the highest court in the land – the hallowed Constitutional Court.

Achievements of the shack dwellers did not come without a price. Their movement’s very existence is threatened by shack demolitions, assassination attempts and prison detention without trial. When Zama and Mazwi are drawn into a dangerous mob attack, they learn of the contradictions inherent in the difficult decisions leaders must make, and experience how great leadership is often accompanied by great sacrifice.

TALIESIN (SWANSEA): 13TH OCTOBER @8.15 PM                                              BUY TICKET

ABERYSTWYTH ARTS CENTRE: 27TH OCTOBER @8.15 PM (Followed by panel discussion)                  



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